Essen to Neuss

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: April 22, 2018
  • Updated: April 26, 2018
Route type: Cycle path
Difficulty grade: Medium

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 51.00 km
  • Time 3 h 22 min
  • Speed 15.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 1047 m
  • Descent 1115 m

Along the Ruhr river

Although I love Essen and everything seemed to go so well, again I got lost shortly after I found the first promising sign pointing to my first destination "Werden". I even circled back to the sign and tried again but not a chance to find the follow-up sign. So I decided to cycle to Werden according to my phone, again missing one of those "wonderful" cycle routes.



View from an old railway bridge into the lush spring greens

When I arrived in Werden, it seemed like I had gotten on the right route anyway somehow and cycled a bit along the Ruhr on the "official" nice cycling path. Since it was a wonderful sunny Sunday, there were a lot of people everywhere but it still wasn't too bad.

Only a few kilometers further, I already had to leave the nice cycling path and after that the route went up and up and up the hill towards Ratingen. Probably a little foretaste what I have to expect in the Eifel region ;-)


The stadium in Ratingen

The distance between the first city sign of one of the suburbs of Ratingen to the town center was endless but when I finally reached it, a "nice" surprise was waiting for me: like the Sunday before there was the "car days"-weekend in town and people and cars and stalls were everywhere...too bad. I had a quick lunch break and moved on right after, although I usually love to roam through the town a bit.

Of course, I still had to take a picture of the stadium where in two months the decathlon and heptathlon meeting is going to take place, this year again without me (as spectator of course ;-) ).




Duesseldorf city limit sign

Right after Ratingen start the outskirts of Duesseldorf. Luckily the cycling path doesn't lead through the city center. So I cycled more or less around Duesseldorf and arrived a little later at the Rhine river where everybody was enjoying themselves in the sun :-).









Theodor-Heuss bridge with Duesseldorf skyline

Sunny Sunday afternoon and everybody's outside :-)









After some more cycling through the Vodafone area - Vodafone and some other big companies are settled there - I arrived Neuss and a little while later also my home for the next two days.





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