30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – Day 1

I’m still thinking a lot about what’s going to be from January 2018 on – and I don’t have a clue…at all.

I’m still trying stuff out, like my photographers online course, the advanced SQL course and I’m also surfing the internet for – even more – inspiration.

Today I came across Wim Hof and his breathing and expose to the cold technique which will help in the worst case to improve my immune system.

Since I’m a real hot shower type of girl…meaning the type that could stand under the shower for hours and turn the heat hotter and hotter… and the method sounds really, really different from a lot of other stuff I know, it sounds perfect for a new challenge out of the comfort zone. I also reminded a guy who mentioned in his blog that if you can stand a cold shower, you can handle close to anything.

So, I watched the video and started already while watching to practice his breathing technique. It really made me a bit dizzy – as suggested in his video – but not too bad. I also did some push-ups but only got to 15, the girl in the video made it to 22….congrats to that…without breathing.

Afterwards, I also did the cold shower thing and the most amazing thing is: it worked!!

I started to put first my feet and leg, then my upper thighs and arms into the cold water and focused on the cold. After the first shiver, I relaxed into the cold and noticed that my core body shut the cold out, just like Wim described in the video and after some seconds – it was really, really quick – I didn’t feel the cold anymore. I was so surprised that I started laughing and since it felt like I could stand there for hours, I quit after just a few minutes because for me it was proved that it is actually possible to change the body experience by setting my mind to it.

But I definitely want to try out a) how long I can stand the cold until I feel it again b) what the “longtime” effect is and does it really improve the immune system (do I feel healthier) and other stuff, like does it make more balanced.

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