30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – Day 2

Today, I started the challenge right after waking up. As suggested in the video.

I did only one breathing cycle because I forgot that one can do up to three cycles.

Afterwards, I went to the shower. I was a bit skeptical because I LOVE my hot shower in the morning. Actually, my saying was: without a hot shower in the morning, the day is already not a good day.

But today I voluntarily started my day with a cold shower. And even with my doubts, it worked again. It took me a while longer to get focused and overcome the fear of cold. I also didn’t stay very long again but I did it.

I also noticed that soap doesn’t really work that well with cold water, so I probably have to change the routine to warm-cleaning shower first and just finish off with the cold shower.

I imagine that it’s going to be harder than just facing the cold shower but we’ll see and I’ll keep you posted ­čÖé

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