30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – Day 4

It is Wednesday, half-time of the work week, and after some days with too little or not relaxing sleep, I finally had a “normal” night of sleep. I also watched some more videos of Wim Hof the evening before, so I was perfectly prepared for another round.

I did three rounds of “Oxygen”-Breathing before I tackled the cold water, again with a warm “washing” part before.
Although I wasn’t really motivated for the cold, I’m always astonished that after a few seconds of adaptation, it feels like I would wear a body armor and the cold doesn’t really affect the front part and back part of the body.
The worst part for me is a) turning around (I always start facing the water) and have cold water on my back and b) my upper arms.
It’s really strange because I assumed that the extremities wouldn’t be really sensitive and the stomach would be really hard to get used to the cold but experiencing that it’s actually the other way round.

Besides of always being surprise that it “really works”, I don’t feel any different from normal, including mood swings, being stressed,…but then again it’s only day 4 😉

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