30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – Day 6

Wow, it’s almost a week into the challenge. And I found something like a routine:
waking up (totally dizzy and still not really awake), breath a few times deep in and out, start 1-3 cycles of deep breathing:
deeply breath in and out about 30 times, for the last breath in, breath in to the maximum + breath out, hold the breath for as long as possible (just let it happen, don’t hold it forcefully), then breath in to the maximum + hold for 10 seconds, breath out again, breath normally for half a minute or so and start over (look up the Wim Hof breathing technique on YouTube for a thorough introcution)

After the breathing, I’m taking a “normal” shower…astonishing that these become less hot and shorter and that I’m actually looking forward to the cold shower part.
When I’m all cleaned up, I turn the water to cold(ish), start with feet and legs, hands, arms and face to adapt to the cold and then have the cold shower on the front and stay there until it becomes comfortable (probably 20-30 seconds). Then I step a bit away, turn around, start with legs and arms and let then the water run over my back, shoulders and upper arms which is still the hardest part. When I feel comfortable again, I turn again to the front and so on.

I still don’t feel super refreshed but at least I’m more awake then before ;-)….and who knows what happens “behind the scenes” and comes into effect in just a few days…

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