30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – Day 7 to 14

Pheeeeeeew, already one week has passed since my last post….amazing how time flies…

In the meantime I returned to home (I started the Cold Shower Challenge during my work stay in Berne, Switzerland) and surprisingly, it was A WHOLE LOT harder to continue the challenge at home:
the breathing excercises don’t work as well as when I started and it is way harder to face the cold shower in the morning.

I cannot really put my finger on the reason.
My suspicion is that it’s a combination of different things: the biggest one probably being that here, I have my habit of LONG HOT showers which is hard to break, also my flat here is a lot colder than the one I lived in during my workstay and I also feel a bit like being on holiday in Switzerland.

But enough of cause-digging and back to my experiences:

I still had at least a short cold shower after my hot shower every morning (yeeeeee

eeeeeeeees, the challenge is still on ;-)). It also feels easier if the water is REALLY cold, instead of just lukewarm, because the body then really has to adapt.


Official Cold-Shower-Challenge
The official Wim Hof Cold Shower Poster

Two days ago, I also found some more videos of Wim Hof, including the official Shower Challenge poster which decorates now my bathroom door.
Since only since then have an “official” time how long the cold shower should last, I only started counting the days off Wim Hof’s shower challenge after I detected this info.

On the same day, I found a video about intermittent fasting which I try now as well….and the start was easier than I expected: on Wednesday I had a late dinner, around 8 PM and hab my breakfast around 11 AM on Thursday. Friday morning I felt real stressed out about work, so I had to have breakfast before I started working but then I had cake around 5 PM which was my last meal of the day and didn’t start to eat today before 9:30 AM the next day.
Usually, I don’t do ANYTHING before I had my porridge breakfast but it seems that if I really put my mind onto something and commit to something, somehow it works out – at least for a while – even if my habits were quite the opposite.

Fasting Challenge: Day 3

So let’s see how long this all sticks, especially after the 30 days are over 🙂

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