Through the 16 Federal States of Germany (April to September 2018)


(7th Sept.2018): Jueterbog > Berlin


(7th Sept.2018): Jueterbog > Berlin
(5th Sept. 2018): Bad Schmiedberg > Jueterbog

Sachsen (= Saxony)

(4th Sept.2018): Leipzig > Bad Schmiedeberg: no route data; my navi let me down
(2nd Sept.2018): Halle (Saale) > Leipzig

Sachsen-Anhalt (= Saxony-Anhalt)

(4th Sept.2018): Leipzig > Bad Schmiedeberg: no route data; my navi let me down
(2nd Sept.2018): Halle (Saale) > Leipzig
(31st Aug.2018): Naumburg (Saale) > Halle (Saale)
(30th Aug.2018): Weimar > Naumburg (Saale)

Thueringen ( = Thuringia)

(30th Aug.2018): Weimar > Naumburg (Saale)
(27th Aug.2018): Ilmenau > Weimar
(26th Aug.2018): Eisfeld > Ilmenau
(25th Aug.2018): Bamberg > Eisfeld

Bayern ( = Bavaria)

(25th Aug.2018): Bamberg > Eisfeld
(24th Aug.2018): Nuremberg > Bamberg
(18th Aug.2018): Rothenburg to Nuremberg
(17th Aug.2018): Schwaebisch Hall > Rothenburg ob der Tauber
(17th July 2018): Wuerzburg > Bad Mergentheim
(15th July 2018): Steinbach a.Main > Wuerzburg
(14th July 2018): Miltenberg > Steinbach a.Main
(13th July 2018): Mosbach > Miltenberg

Hessen ( = Hesse)

(12th July 2018): Bad Friedrichshall > Hirschhorn


(22nd Aug.2018) Training trip to the Einkorn
(17th Aug.2018): Schwaebisch Hall > Rothenburg ob der Tauber
(19th July 2018): Bad Mergentheim > Schwaebisch Hall
(17th July 2018): Wuerzburg > Bad Mergentheim
(13th July 2018): Mosbach > Miltenberg
(12th July 2018): Bad Friedrichshall > Hirschhorn
(11th July 2018): Jagsthausen > Bad Friedrichshall
(10th July 2018): Schwaebisch Hall > Jagsthausen

*** Summerbreak ***

Excursion to Oehringen
Total Immersion Swimming
Excursion to hill Einkorn


(10th May 2018): Heilbronn > Schwaebisch Hall
(9th May 2018): Karlsruhe > Eppingen
(8th May 2018): Dahn > Karlsruhe


(8th May 2018): Dahn > Karlsruhe
(6th May 2018): Bierbach > Dahn
(5th May 2018): Saarbruecken > Blieskastel
(4th May 2018): Perl > Saarbruecken

Rheinland-Pfalz ( = Rhineland-Palatinate)

(4th May 2018): Perl > Saarbruecken
(3rd May 2018): Trier > Perl
(1st May 2018): Traben-Trarbach > Trier
(30th April 2018): Cochem > Traben-Trarbach
(29th April 2018): Koblenz > Cochem
(28th April 2018): Remagen > Andernach

Nordrhein-Westfalen ( = North Rhine-Westphalia)

(28th April 2018): Remagen > Andernach
(27th April 2018): Bruehl > Remagen
(26th April 2018): Bruehl: little Ville tour
(24th April 2018): Neuss > Bruehl
(22nd April 2018): Essen > Neuss
(20th April 2018): Dortmund > Essen
(19th April 2018): Muenster > Dortmund
(18th April 2018): Warendorf > Muenster
(17th April 2018): Bielefeld > Warendorf
(16th April 2018): Bad Oeynhausen > Bielefeld
(15th April 2018): Minden > Bad Oeynhausen
(14th April 2018): Nienburg > Minden


(10th April 2018): Bremen > Achim(8th April 2018): Sittensen > Bremen-Borgfeld

Niedersachsen ( = Lower Saxony)

(14th April 2018): Nienburg > Minden
(12th April 2018): Verden > Nienburg
(10th April 2018): Bremen > Achim
(8th April 2018): Sittensen > Bremen-Borgfeld
(7th April 2018): Hamburg-Harburg > Sittensen


(7th April 2018): Hamburg-Harburg > Sittensen
(6th April 2018): Lauenburg > Hamburg-Harburg


(6th April 2018): Lauenburg > Hamburg-Harburg
(5th April 2018): Moelln-Lauenburg

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( = Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

(4th April 2018): Kluetz > Moelln

Today, Eddie, my navigation device let me down, just when I arrived at the starting point of the route Berlin-Leipzig (in reverse). I also lost sight of the cycling path signs, so I cycled around for 90 minutes in an almost correct direction (North instead of North East) but made approximaly 5 instead of 15 k progress. Because of the time-out of Eddie, I don’t have a track of the route today…if you want to have the regular track, you can download it from Radweg Berlin-Leipzig (please note that this is an external link, so I cannot guarantee that this link will always be working).

Btw. by now, Eddie is working again….just press 25 secs the on/off button and – everything is gonna be alright… 😉

A part of the university block

the Gewandthaus (concert hall) with the fontain in front

Calories free ice cream 🙂

the Thomas church

the town hall (I think)

the courthouse

there are so many parks all around in Leipzig 🙂

And I visited the wild boars in the (free) animal park

Sinwell tower

I decided to stay in Nuremberg one more day to actually see the sights of the city.
But since I wasn’t so fond of my hotel (door banging and shouting late in the evening, the broken shower head holder, a general weird feeling,…) I decided to move to another hotel. Breakfast was not included and so I headed over to the next hotel shortly after 8 AM.
There, I could leave my luggage and the bike and made my way on foot to the castle.

I walked in the old castle ditch which could have been really nice since it’s green and in the shade but, unfortunately, there was a lot garbage lying around, I even watched a rat passing me quite relaxed in broad daylight and didn’t feel especially safe and secure….but as I mentioned, it was in the shade and not too hot yet – and I made it to the castle safely 🙂

A beautiful day

I used the first cooler day to cycle to the small town Oehringen with it’s huge palace garden.

It was a beautiful day, the apple and plum trees are (almost) ready for harvesting and I enjoyed the time being out and about again. In the end, the “not so hot” day, turned into “still pretty warm” (around 26°C) and I was quite happy to be home for a cool shower 🙂

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Summer time

Today, I’m already two weeks back at my parents’ place and the whole time it had been hot like the kind of summer everybody wishes for in wintertime 😉 Therefore, it was also too hot to continue my cycling adventure through Germany.

To keep me at least a little busy, I have some dentist’s appointments lined up with some repairs which were due anyway this year.

Last Tuesday, I had my root channel filling renewed and was more or less out of order for the following two days.

But on Saturday morning, I went to our lake around the corner, the Starkholzbacher See, with my parents and was instantly hooked again.

Another sunny summer’s day

To be honest, I don’t remember much from the last stint of my “many-rivers-tour”:

I started off pretty early because the weather forecast promised another hot day.

Initially, I planned to just cycle comfortably along the Tauber until Rothenburg ob der Tauber since I wanted to visit the city for a long time. There is a bit of a complicated story involved since Rothenburg used to be “our” archenemy when our American Football teams were in the same league some years back. Therefore, I was in Rothenburg only once and only in the stadium to defeat the foe 😉

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Sweet summer cycling

After a hot day in the city of Wuerzburg, with visits to the residence and the stronghold, and some awesome food at the Brueckenbaeck, it was time for some work again.
Unfortunately, the club downstairs from the flat I was staying, held a Monday night party which lasted until 5 in the morning and which kept me from sleeping – and left me fuming – until 4 AM.
So, instead of an early refreshed start, I started late and sleep deprived into one of the hillier stints of my trip.

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Fields in the summer sun

After two nights right in the middle of the town center, I woke wonderfully refreshed due to the absolute quietness of the village. Another early breakfast was offered and I met a couple of cyclists who were cycling the reverse direction towards Miltenberg.
They recommended to cycle on the left side of the Main, even the official cycling track would cross the Main river twice.

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