30 Days Cold Shower Challenge – conclusion

And for anybody who is interested in the outcome of my 30 Days Cold Shower-Challenge: I didn’t make it (boooooooooooooooooh) ­čśë

BUT I have a lot of excuses (it was before Christmas, a stressful time because I finished my projects,….) AND also some learnings:

  • Cold showers are possible and not as bad as I thought
  • together with the Wim Hof breathing technique I think it is a good method to improve the immune system
  • I probably got rid of my allergy to down feathers and the only explanation is the breathing technique and the cold showers….that would be really amazing!!
  • I’m going to include a cold shower part into my morning routine as often as I feel up to it. I don’t think it has to be more than one minute (for me it’s usually more like 30 seconds) but to challenge yourself, boost the immune system and get more active in the morning, the cold showers are a superb method ­čÖé

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