April 2018

Mosel dam
mosel dam

Despite the very nice room and a delicious breakfast, my bad mood was back (maybe I was sensing the events of the day already). I also had to do some shopping and it took some contemplating on which side of the Mosel I wanted to continue, so I started relatively late.

I was also a bit bored because the landscape was the same as the day before, still beautiful but not new 😉

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The water vapor is lifting after the rain

Sunday morning was the exact opposite from the day before: despite the noise inside and outside the hotel, I woke up refreshed and in a super relaxed mood.

Where the Mosel runs into the Rhine: Deutsches Eck


After the breakfast, I packed up my things and wanted to get on the road. But just before I got going, it started to rain – and not only a little. So I put on my rain gear before I cycled to the Deutsche Eck, the point in Koblenz where the Mosel runs into the Rhine river and where the Mosel cycling path starts.

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Bridge of Remagen - what is left over
Bridge of Remagen – what is left over

Yesterday was one of the worst days since I started cycling. I already thought in the morning about taking the train to my parents and take a loooooooooooooong break from cycling. There was no specific reason, just a bad day. I thought I would quickly cycle to Koblenz and decide then what I would do.

The weather was OK, april-like with wind again and temperatures, so that I was taking on and off my different jackets constantly.

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Although I love Essen and everything seemed to go so well, again I got lost shortly after I found the first promising sign pointing to my first destination “Werden”. I even circled back to the sign and tried again but not a chance to find the follow-up sign. So I decided to cycle to Werden according to my phone, again missing one of those “wonderful” cycle routes.

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One of the many bridges over the Dortmund-Ems-Canal
One of the many bridges over the Dortmund-Ems-Canal

The day’s events started again with a cat, named Max.

I was sitting outside on the door mat and putting on my shoes, leaving the door open because I was not a 100% certain that I already had put all my stuff outside to put it on my bike.

And then Max came along. He and his friend Zora should not be in the house while nobody is at home, so I closed the door a bit, thought for a bit and since Max was moving in, closed the door shut.  I went to the garage and even before I opened the door, I realized that my drinking bottles were still inside the house….damn….

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