A day to relax: Bremen

Lunch break am Wall

After five days of cycling and new surroundings every day, I was ready for some rest and so I spent the day in Bremen – and I liked it :-)))

In the morning I worked a bit on the blog, chatted with friends and around 10 AM  made my way to the city center. I was a bit surprised to find out that the old town was 8k away but there are well maintained cycle paths all the way to the city center. So it didn’t bother me at all.

I went to the market place, the old town hall and the St.Petri cathedral which was closed due to some classical concerts and the related preparations.

Like Luebeck Bremen is a tourist town and there are groups and school classes everywhere but, nevertheless, the atmosphere here is warm, relaxed and friendly which I usually don’t experience like that in Luebeck. But maybe that’s also because it currently is warm and sunny which is in Bremen as well as in Luebeck quite rare. I should stay until the weather changes (probably tomorrow or the day after) but, unfortunately, my bed is already given away for the next nights…. ;-(

After visiting the old buildings, I went to the Weser, the river which will accompany me for the next days. There is a broad promenade where you can sit and watch and eat, just the way it should be 🙂

I then cycled to the “Ueberseestadt” which is a project like the Speicherstadt in Hamburg: new shiny (expensive) buildings in the old port area. There are already a lot of shops and restaurants despite the many construction sites. When I’m in an area like that I always start thinking if I would like to live there. Today the answer was definitely “No”. Seems like I’m currently more in the solitary, forestry, small-town mode 😉

After this excursion to the future, I went back to the old town – and went shopping. Just small stuff, like a pair of micro fibre socks, chain grease,… But I will probably need to sort (winter) things out to be able to do some more shopping before I reach Duesseldorf, Cologne and the other shopping paradises 😉

The way back to my “home” I took the route via the Buergerpark which is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge park, almost in the middle of the city. I really, really like it here and Bremen certainly entered my list “imaginable places to live” 🙂

So let’s see what the rest of Germany has to offer.

Tomorrow I’m finally heading South into a part of Germany which I don’t know at all, yet. And will then also enter the fifth federal state of my journey: Niedersachsen


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