Another slow day, in Verden (Aller)

Due to the pessimistic weather forecast and because my friend Sören arrived only today, I decided to also stay a second night in Verden, the horse’s and rider’s town.

As predicted it started to rain when I cycled into town and came on full blast when I had strolled around a bit in the old town and the shops. I stayed in a café until the worst was over. Afterwards I went to the cathedral and enjoyed some quiet time.

I walked back along the Aller, the river which is right next to the city, went for a quick hair cut and cycled home for some siesta.

In the afternoon, after the sun came out again and warmed everything up, I picked Sören up at the train station and we had another nice walk around town. We visited Sören’s former high school which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G: they have a project group for goats…so they have real goats at there school and also aquariums and terrariums…and another work group for gardening and the school is overlooking the river….how cool is that?!?!!!

We had some delicious cake (I’m so sorry that I suck at food photography) and walked then in the other direction up to the stork rearing station. On the way and around the station there are about 20 storks….I have never seen so many storks in such a small area….really impressing…and no, I also didn’t take a photo of the storks, sorry! You have to come and see them with your own eyes 🙂

By then it was already getting chilly, so I cycled back home and will now have a very nice and relaxing evening 🙂

B.t.w.: An interesting fact is that Verden sounds a lot like “Pferde” (=horses) and although a lot of things here develop around horses, like horse racing, horse breeding,etc… the town’s name originates more likely from “Furt” (=ford) or “Fähre” (=ferry). yeeeeeees, I can be smart-ass ;-))


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