May 2018

Starkholzbacher See, our backyard lake
Starkholzbacher See, our backyard lake

Thursday was another holiday and another predicted hot day with thunderstorms and heavy rains predicted for later in the day. Consequence for me: another early start. This time I was on the road already at 7 AM!!! and it was already warm.

Since it was a holiday, almost nobody was on the streets and I found my way easily out of Heilbronn.

I knew the whole route would be hilly, no matter which of the options I took , so I prepared myself for some long slow climbs.

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It was predicted to be another hot day and my calculated route would be around 90 km, including some height meters. So I started the day with only a very small breakfast (only one dry bread roll….yummie ;-)) ) and veeeeeery early: I was on the road at 7 AM.

As usual, I had to check the directions on my phone pretty often before I found my way out of Karlsruhe. The passing of the towns of Durlach, Weingarten, Bruchsal,….and suboptimal cycling paths (surface and signs) slowed me down, so that I knew around mid-morning that most likely I won’t cycle the whole planned route. I had already booked my accommodation in Heilbronn before checking the parameters of the route, so I actually had to get there on the same day.

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Today I went on the Felsenpfad (=rock trail) around Dahn, actually I did only half of the trail since I needed already three hours for the six kilometers of the first half. The reason? Beauty and curiosity and photo motifs everywhere and walking barefoot for a while and taking it easy and….

I definitely have to come back for a longer holiday because these forests are huge and green and lush and hilly and so nice…..

Take a look for yourself 🙂

And if you’re interested, you can find my walking route here. But don’t trust the parameters, they are calculated 😉

It is soooooooo beautiful
First sign of the “Hilly country”

After the breakfast at the a little weird guest house (and the tiniest room I stayed in), I started into a beautiful morning: it was already warm and all the tourists were still asleep or at least not on the road ;-).

At first, I cycled along the Blies, a little stream, to Zweibruecken where I got seriously lost….probably because there was a market (I think it  was a fish market) on the marketplace which probably hid some signs….after cycling around for about half an hour or so, I found the cycling path along the stream again BUT now it was covered by gravel and crowded by people and just not as nice as before.

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so French
so French

The weather was predicted to be sunny and warm, so I started early, around 8:30 AM.

First, I cycled down all the way to the Mosel again and after just a few meters, I was already in France. There was no sign for the border but the “Moselradweg” sign was suddenly in French: “Chemin de la Mosel” 🙂

And just a few meters further, my journey of climbing began. Luckily, I didn’t know what was expecting me, otherwise I would probably have worried too much 😉

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Luxembourg on the other side of the Mosel

I woke up around 6:30 and was already well rested, so I went into town around 7 AM to take the tourist pictures of Trier because I had forgotten my camera on the Wednesday.

It was great. Everything was still quiet, just some people were on their way to work and the trash collectors were already working.

So, I could take all the pictures without any people running around. In the cathedral I was even the only person, so that was a bit creepy but also a very special atmosphere.

At 8 AM I went to Dieter and Anne for breakfast, packed up my things and left Trier around 9:30 AM.

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