August 2018

Sinwell tower

I decided to stay in Nuremberg one more day to actually see the sights of the city.
But since I wasn’t so fond of my hotel (door banging and shouting late in the evening, the broken shower head holder, a general weird feeling,…) I decided to move to another hotel. Breakfast was not included and so I headed over to the next hotel shortly after 8 AM.
There, I could leave my luggage and the bike and made my way on foot to the castle.

I walked in the old castle ditch which could have been really nice since it’s green and in the shade but, unfortunately, there was a lot garbage lying around, I even watched a rat passing me quite relaxed in broad daylight and didn’t feel especially safe and secure….but as I mentioned, it was in the shade and not too hot yet – and I made it to the castle┬ásafely ­čÖé

A beautiful day

I used the first cooler day to cycle to the small town Oehringen with it’s huge palace garden.

It was a beautiful day, the apple and plum trees are (almost) ready for harvesting and I enjoyed the time being out and about again. In the end, the “not so hot” day, turned into “still pretty warm” (around 26┬░C) and I was quite happy to be home for a cool shower ­čÖé

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Summer time

Today, I’m already two weeks back at my parents’ place and the whole time it had been hot like the kind of summer everybody wishes for in wintertime ­čśë Therefore, it was also too hot to continue my cycling adventure through Germany.

To keep me at least a little busy, I have some dentist’s appointments lined up with some repairs which were due anyway this year.

Last Tuesday, I had my root channel filling renewed and was more or less out of order for the following two days.

But on Saturday morning, I went to our lake around the corner, the Starkholzbacher See, with my parents and was instantly hooked again.