Back in the water….my Total Immersion swim story

Summer time

Today, I’m already two weeks back at my parents’ place and the whole time it had been hot like the kind of summer everybody wishes for in wintertime 😉 Therefore, it was also too hot to continue my cycling adventure through Germany.

To keep me at least a little busy, I have some dentist’s appointments lined up with some repairs which were due anyway this year.

Last Tuesday, I had my root channel filling renewed and was more or less out of order for the following two days.

But on Saturday morning, I went to our lake around the corner, the Starkholzbacher See, with my parents and was instantly hooked again.

For those who know me a little longer know that last year was my year …..well, at least half year….of swimming. In February I took a Total Immersion swimming class in Edinburgh after trying to teach myself for more than 18 months.

In order to keep myself motivated, on the same weekend I signed up for a swimming race in late July, the Wakenitz man. I suppose most – if not all – people I told about it thought, now, I was going completely insane: I was planning to swim down the Wakenitz river for about14k, only six months after not being able to swim one lap in front crawl.

I bet, Tim Ferriss would have made it (he swam 2k, only 8 weeks after he started to practice Total Immersion swimming), so there was no reason why shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.

The main reason, however, was to keep me motivated and that worked perfectly well: for the following four months I was seen at the pool almost every other day. I also went to Hamburg and Berlin to get professional coaching and I made a lot of progress – but just not enough. So I canceled the race end of May and stopped practicing regularly almost right away.

The good thing still is that during the time from February to May I was not sick once and I also did not suffer from back pain despite the immense stress level I experienced at work in this time period. So, in my opinion, all the time and money I put into the swim practice was not wasted at all.

And I’m still hooked on Total Immersion Swimming and every time I’m in the water, I have to do some TI drills, just for fun. And when I went to the lake on Saturday it was no exception :-).

On Sunday morning I went back to the lake on my own and realized that, now, during these hot summer weeks with a lake only 6k from my home, I finally have the big quiet and even at the right temperature pool I always wished for to practice without distraction and interruption. And all of that in beautiful nature – and for free. I’m absolutely happy and grateful.

Since Saturday I was at the lake every day, except for Tuesday, and I’m making huge progress on my swimming. That doesn’t mean that I swim now leisurely around the lake but I’m swallowing less and less water 😉

For everybody who would like to see Total Immersion in perfection, I recommend Shinji Takeuchi’s YouTube video “The Most Graceful Freestyle Swimming” 🙂

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