Nuremberg in pictures

Sinwell tower

I decided to stay in Nuremberg one more day to actually see the sights of the city.
But since I wasn’t so fond of my hotel (door banging and shouting late in the evening, the broken shower head holder, a general weird feeling,…) I decided to move to another hotel. Breakfast was not included and so I headed over to the next hotel shortly after 8 AM.
There, I could leave my luggage and the bike and made my way on foot to the castle.

I walked in the old castle ditch which could have been really nice since it’s green and in the shade but, unfortunately, there was a lot garbage lying around, I even watched a rat passing me quite relaxed in broad daylight and didn’t feel especially safe and secure….but as I mentioned, it was in the shade and not too hot yet – and I made it to the castle┬ásafely ­čÖé

After the great tour (yeah, another one of these castle museum tours…if I had only known that before….), I had a great lunch at the Hexenhaeusel (=the witch’s little house): Nuernberger Rosbratwuerste (= famous sausages from Nuremberg) with coleslaw and delicious potato salad.
Then I headed across the town to the Woerth Wiese, a big recreational area, and the adjacent lake. More or less just to be able to say that I was there…
From there I wanted to take the train back to the main station but I would have needed to wait for 20 minutes, so I walked back and arrived at the hotel properly exhausted shortly after 2PM, the check-in time.

The rest of the afternoon I spent at the hotel in front of the fan and headed out only once more for some spaghetti ice cream.

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