Leipzig to Bad Schmiedeberg in pictures

Today, Eddie, my navigation device let me down, just when I arrived at the starting point of the route Berlin-Leipzig (in reverse). I also lost sight of the cycling path signs, so I cycled around for 90 minutes in an almost correct direction (North instead of North East) but made approximaly 5 instead of 15 k progress. Because of the time-out of Eddie, I don’t have a track of the route today…if you want to have the regular track, you can download it from Radweg Berlin-Leipzig (please note that this is an external link, so I cannot guarantee that this link will always be working).

Btw. by now, Eddie is working again….just press 25 secs the on/off button and – everything is gonna be alright… 😉

Since I am always complaining about the bad condition of great parts of the routes here in Eastern Germany, I have to mention that, by chance, today, I met a member of the team that is responsible for the Berlin-Leipzig cycling path.
He told me that the new shiny signs (around Bad Dueben) were just put up a few days ago and that they are going to implement the signs throughout Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt until the end of the year. So at least the signposting in this area should become considerably better in the near future.
Unfortunately, there are still a lot of signs missing and one cycles for kilometers along, hoping that the direction is still correct. Some signs are also hidden by trees, bushes or other traffic signs – and the positions where the signs are installed seem to be planned by car drivers because the signs are usually some meters before the actual turn. This is quite confusing for cyclists. Just saying… 😉

Since I was pretty stressed out – also by the bad signposting (in Leipzig the signposts are also frequently covered in stickers, so that they are not readable) and the bad condition of parts of the route – I also didn’t take a lot of pictures – but here is what I’ve got:

Just one of the many roads I cycled today 🙂

Fresh fruit right off the street and these pears are delicious!!!
Fresh fruit is currently everywhere
The church, the lamp and the cat
Sand – one of my most favorite surfaces to cycle on….grrrr….

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