Shortly before take-off number 3 🙂

Hi, my name is Katrin.
I’m currently 38 years old and I’m currently living in Luebeck, in the North of Germany .

Since I graduated from school I’m looking for stuff I want to do for a living. A lot has crossed my mind and my life since then. I also tried out a lot of stuff, like traveling all over Canada for 7 months, my dream holiday on a cargo ship to the Caribbeans, walking and running in barefoot shoes, learn about total immersion swimming, creating my own stuff like tooth paste, deodorant,…. and some more.
I learned a lot in the past years and I still come, almost daily, across other things I would like to try out. And sometimes I do 🙂

My current project for this year, 2018, is to cycle through all 16 federal states of Germany.

It took a long time for this plan to evolve in my subconscious and then one fine morning (27th January 2018 to be precise) it just bubbled up into my mind and now it seems like the most logical thing to do: I love to cycle since over 10 years ago my back then boyfriend, Tom, introduced me to stuff like mountain biking, single trails, mountain bike marathons, fullies and hard-tails, suspension forks etc etc…..

Since then cycling was almost always part of my life and often helped me through rough patches in my life. I just love the combination of being active, being out in nature and close to the elements, visiting new (or familiar) places and meeting new people or being on my own, just how I feel like.

The other puzzle pieces are that currently I’m out of job (on my own request), I want to travel but not too far. I planned on visiting a lot of friends this year and I always wanted to see more of this beautiful country which I am calling “home”.

I’m also curious for a long time if it is possible to live a sustainable and low waste life while being on the road. So trying to live healthy and as waste-free as possible is another focus and experiment during this trip.

So here I am and I’m pretty excited what new experiences and surprises this year will bring and I am super happy to share this with you. Please feel free to comment. I’m also always grateful for recommendations for nice places to visit, tips for farmers markets, zero waste markets and places with home-made cakes and Torten of which I’m a great fan as well 🙂

Update 12th August 2018:

By now, the first half of my trip is over and I’ve already seen and learned a lot during this time, so here is my little resumé:

  1. you can do a lot more than you think you can….I thought so, so, so often – usually at the foot of a mountain – “I can’t do that”….”No, I really can’t go on…”, “No way that I’m going to make it…” and as long as I just started and didn’t think too much about it, when I took it slow and easy, I usually still made it – and surprised myself time after time
  2. zero-waste is really not that easy while traveling: I quit using shampoo (more or less) and switched to the water-only method but since the water is often very calcareous, I’m still struggling with that. I started using soap instead of shower gel which does save a lot of garbage and I bought deo creme which comes in a glass container. But other stuff like face cream, body lotion,…is still always in plastic packaging. The biggest zero-waste contribution is probably that you just don’t buy – so much – stuff as usual because it has to be packed and carried around all the time
  3. money is really very relative: sometimes I’m annoyed because something cost (a little) more than usual but offers less quality than the average, eg. hotel rooms or food. At other times I happily spend more than I planned to, just because “it”, eg. a good hotel room, good food, a product in good quality,…. is what I currently need….I’m much more attentive to what something is worth to me
  4. Germany is different from other countries when traveling: when I traveled before, I met lots of foreign people and usually talked to people while waiting in line, in the supermarkets,… Here, this happens really rarely…one reason is of course that I’m not staying in hostels but also talking casually to strangers does not “happen” in Germany that often. And it also seems to be a bit special to travel solo….most cyclists I see are in pairs or in a group

This is all at the moment – and thanks for reading this until the very end 😀