Fields in the summer sun

After two nights right in the middle of the town center, I woke wonderfully refreshed due to the absolute quietness of the village. Another early breakfast was offered and I met a couple of cyclists who were cycling the reverse direction towards Miltenberg.
They recommended to cycle on the left side of the Main, even the official cycling track would cross the Main river twice.

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It was predicted to be another hot day and my calculated route would be around 90 km, including some height meters. So I started the day with only a very small breakfast (only one dry bread roll….yummie ;-)) ) and veeeeeery early: I was on the road at 7 AM.

As usual, I had to check the directions on my phone pretty often before I found my way out of Karlsruhe. The passing of the towns of Durlach, Weingarten, Bruchsal,….and suboptimal cycling paths (surface and signs) slowed me down, so that I knew around mid-morning that most likely I won’t cycle the whole planned route. I had already booked my accommodation in Heilbronn before checking the parameters of the route, so I actually had to get there on the same day.

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One of the many bridges over the Dortmund-Ems-Canal
One of the many bridges over the Dortmund-Ems-Canal

The day’s events started again with a cat, named Max.

I was sitting outside on the door mat and putting on my shoes, leaving the door open because I was not a 100% certain that I already had put all my stuff outside to put it on my bike.

And then Max came along. He and his friend Zora should not be in the house while nobody is at home, so I closed the door a bit, thought for a bit and since Max was moving in, closed the door shut.  I went to the garage and even before I opened the door, I realized that my drinking bottles were still inside the house….damn….

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