After a rather tough start into the day, first some authority “issues” with the cat during breakfast, then an incredible confusing way out of Bielefeld and and almost real mountain (on top is  a restaurant, named “Auf’m Berg” (=on the mountain) and the road’s name was Bergstrasse (=mountain road)), the hardest part of the day was already over shortly after 9 AM

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The mausoleum of Schloss Etelsen

Today was a warm, sunny and pretty uneventful day. That’s why I haven’t much to write down. But I shot some nice pictures and let them talk instead. Btw. you can watch them in full size when you click on them – and not only in the small gallery preview 🙂

Also, once again, the SportsTracker app quit on me prematurely and without permission during lunch break…suppose we all get a little lazy these days 😉

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the cupboards are almost empty

It’s only one week before I move out of my apartment and two weeks until my planned start of my tour.

Currently, it is way too cold (for me) to cycle with daytime temperatures around 0°C + (a lot) wind chill leading to felt air temperatures around -5 – -10°C….brrrrrrrrrrrrr….this morning I cycled for 30 minutes to the public order office and afterwards 30 minutes back – and it just wasn’t any fun….