A part of the university block
the Gewandthaus (concert hall) with the fontain in front
Calories free ice cream 🙂
the Thomas church
the town hall (I think)
the courthouse
there are so many parks all around in Leipzig 🙂
And I visited the wild boars in the (free) animal park

Sinwell tower

I decided to stay in Nuremberg one more day to actually see the sights of the city.
But since I wasn’t so fond of my hotel (door banging and shouting late in the evening, the broken shower head holder, a general weird feeling,…) I decided to move to another hotel. Breakfast was not included and so I headed over to the next hotel shortly after 8 AM.
There, I could leave my luggage and the bike and made my way on foot to the castle.

I walked in the old castle ditch which could have been really nice since it’s green and in the shade but, unfortunately, there was a lot garbage lying around, I even watched a rat passing me quite relaxed in broad daylight and didn’t feel especially safe and secure….but as I mentioned, it was in the shade and not too hot yet – and I made it to the castle safely 🙂

After a rather tough start into the day, first some authority “issues” with the cat during breakfast, then an incredible confusing way out of Bielefeld and and almost real mountain (on top is  a restaurant, named “Auf’m Berg” (=on the mountain) and the road’s name was Bergstrasse (=mountain road)), the hardest part of the day was already over shortly after 9 AM

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