Bad Oeynhausen to Bielefeld

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: April 15, 2018
  • Updated: April 26, 2018
Route type: Mixed
Difficulty grade: Medium

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 36.00 km
  • Time 2 h 40 min
  • Speed 12.3 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 568 m
  • Descent 505 m

The second part of my trip today was a lot less comfortable than the route from Minden to Bad Oeynhausen.

In Oeynhausen I left the official Weser Long Distance Cycling path because I want to cross over to the Ruhr region. Unfortunately, I didn't find another "nice" cycling path and just followed my phone.

From Bad Oeynhausen on, it followed more or less the through road 61 and this route is absolutely not advisable for cyclists: between Bad Oeynhausen and Herford there is no separate cycling path, so I had to cycle on the road or on the shoulder. Cars speeding by at 70-100 kilometers per hour.

The second surprise was that I am officially out of flat country and there are hills - EVERYWHERE - and I'm just not ready ;-).

And then, in Herford, there were all the shops open and some car event with people and cars and kids and food everywhere - and my route was leading right through the city center. Usually that wouldn't have bothered me so much but I had promised to check in at 4 pm - and with more possible hills waiting for me, I just wanted to get out - which I did - eventually.

From Herford to Bielefeld there was again a separate very nice cycling path until my phone sent me up the hills again - probably looking for short-cuts.

Nevertheless, I made it - in time - and even had time for my daily piece of cake. This time I didn't have time to take a picture because I virtually inhaled it :-D

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