Bierbach to Dahn

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: May 6, 2018
  • Updated: May 12, 2018
Route type: Mixed
Difficulty grade: Medium

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 63.08 km
  • Time 4 h 27 min
  • Speed 14.9 km/h
  • Min altitude 206 m
  • Peak 434 m
  • Climb 859 m
  • Descent 850 m

After the breakfast at the a little weird guest house (and the tiniest room I stayed in), I started into a beautiful morning: it was already warm and all the tourists were still asleep or at least not on the road ;-).

At first, I cycled along the Blies, a little stream, to Zweibruecken where I got seriously lost....probably because there was a market (I think it  was a fish market) on the marketplace which probably hid some signs....after cycling around for about half an hour or so, I found the cycling path along the stream again BUT now it was covered by gravel and crowded by people and just not as nice as before.

Probably the worst road I cycled up to now

In the meantime, I had crossed the "border" back to Rhineland-Palatinate, so maybe their finances went all into the Mosel cycling path and there was no money left for the smaller, not so famous cycling paths. Because just after the gravel path, things got worse and the route went onto the probably worst patched road I've ever seen (at least in Germany). There were patches every 10-20 centimeters with great height differences....a cyclist's finest dream ;-)


What a beautiful day

Luckily this road ended after only one or two kilometers and was followed by a veeeeeeeeeeery, nice and freshly asphalted road which was absolutely nice to cycle and this went on until the end of my cycling day :-)

The broom is blooming :-)

I cycled mostly in the valley and along the train tracks, so the path was also flat which absolutely made up for the bumpy middle-part.











Fantastic downhill through the Pfälzer Wald

I had hoped to see a bit of Pirmasens but the cycling path lead only through the large industrial and commercial area and was then lead widely around the town center. It was already quite warm again, so I decided against a trip to the town center and followed the signposted route. And suddenly I was in the Pfaelzer Wald (=forest): high hills on the right, high hills on the left and forest all around me.

With all my luggage, I'm always concerned that I have to cycle up one of these hills but my route led only down and down and down for probably the last 5-6 kilometers. It was soooooooooooooo nice and the landscape around was absolutely beautiful.

It is soooooooo beautiful








Welcome to the "Hilly country"

And this was even topped when I entered the "Hilly country" around Dahn.

On my lunch break I had booked online a four-start hotel in Dahn without knowing anything about the area, except that Dahn was on the cycling route.

So, I was totally caught by surprise when I got sight of the first rocks. So stunning.

And then I even had my own rock, the Buettelfels, when I looked out of my hotel room cool is that?! :-D

View from my hotel room onto the Buettelfels



Despite all this beauty around me, I stayed the afternoon inside, avoided the hot afternoon sun and watched "my" football team, the Schwaebisch Hall Unicorns, win their game in Kempten.

And decided to stay a second complete day in Dahn to explore the area.

I ended this beautiful day with an early lunch right next door at the Sportpark Dahn restaurant and a very nice Gin and Tonic, made of Siegfried, a local gin from Rhineland-Palatinate, And for me (and everyone else) as a reminder: they have a huge, very nice gin selection and also do gin tastings at the Eyberg hotel :-)


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