Four rivers in one day: Bad Mergentheim to Schwaebisch Hall

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: July 19, 2018
  • Updated: August 2, 2018
Route type: Cycle path
Difficulty grade: Medium

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 99.87 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 20.4 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 1253 m
  • Descent 1184 m

To be honest, I don't remember much from the last stint of my "many-rivers-tour":

I started off pretty early because the weather forecast promised another hot day.

Initially, I planned to just cycle comfortably along the Tauber until Rothenburg ob der Tauber since I wanted to visit the city for a long time. There is a bit of a complicated story involved since Rothenburg used to be "our" archenemy when our American Football teams were in the same league some years back. Therefore, I was in Rothenburg only once and only in the stadium to defeat the foe ;-)

But, once again, it wasn't meant to be - or I just didn't want to ;-)

Because when I arrived in Weikersheim, I spontaneously decided to change my plan, leave the Tauber river and cycle towards Schrozberg, with no specific plan how to proceed from there. Some potential destinations under way were Crailsheim - where my mom was born - and Langenburg which I also know.

At some point I opted for Langenburg and so I went there - for lunch.

Somewhere on the way to Langenburg, I had asked my mom via WhatsApp if it would be OK if I would already come home on the same day. So somehow, I also had unconsciously decided to cycle the whole way back to Schwaebisch Hall which I would never had planned if you had asked me when I got up in the morning.

In the plan in my head, I had put Langenburg at the Kocher and planned a relaxed tour back along the Kocher river but unfortunately, local geography was not my strongest subject at school. Otherwise, I would have known that Langenburg is, in fact, at the Jagst and that I had to cycle the whole way up again that I had cycled down into the valley, from Langenburg to Baechlingen. And that was the part, right after lunch in the full summer heat....absolutely awesome ;-) The good thing was that a great part was in the shade - the bad part was, that despite the steep climb out of the valley, it wasn't the last climb and also the signed cycle path didn't take the shortest route but back roads through the fields in full sun shine and with some additional hills.

After another 90 minutes or so and the longest and steepest downhill of the trip towards Braunsbach, I "finally" arrived back at the Kocher and cycled back part of the first stint of my excursion.

Around 4:30 PM I made it to the meeting point, a bicycle shop (of course ;-) ), where my dad picked me up because I just couldn't be bother to cycle another 100 meters in altitude to my parents' place.

The lukewarm shower on that day was really, really appreciated :-)

And as special "surprise", the navigation device I ordered from the internet was waiting for hopefully, in the future, the gps tracks will be much more precise again - and it's also going to be a lot less work for me publishing the tracks .....yippiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeehhhhhhhhh :-)

Another sunny summer's day

A very green lake

The Jagst valley, seen from Langenburg

Finally back at the Kocher

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