From Rothenburg o.d.T. to Nuremberg

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: August 18, 2018
  • Updated: August 19, 2018
Route type: Mixed
Difficulty grade: Easy

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 92.00 km
  • Time 5 h 28 min
  • Speed 17.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 439 m
  • Climb 550 m
  • Descent 670 m

Initially, I wanted to use the title "Let it roll..." for this post but along the way, I found out that even when a route looks rather flat on an elevation profile that doesn't mean that the route is actually flat and even if it looks like going downhill, it doesn't mean that it feels like it.

After my first ambitious stint on the day before, I told myself to take it easy and started in a happy and relaxed mood (still believing that the route would be flat and mostly downhill). And frankly, in comparison to the trip from day 1, the hills were harmless.
So after a while I decided to cycle the whole 90+ kilometers to Nuremberg and even thought about catching the train back home to watch the Unicorns play the Allgaeu Comets in the stadium. And suddenly the pressure was on again.
This time the question wasn't "Do I make it or not?" but "Do I make it in time?". That's why I mostly cycled and cycled and only took two presentable pictures.

I only stopped to collect some apples and plums which are EVERYWHERE along the roads these days and for a short lunch break, munching down two of the apples with some crackers.

After some more fierce cycling it became clear that more important than watching an American Football game would be finding a bike shop which is still open by the time I'd arrive. Something at my handlebar is still slack and I really should have someone to look at it - again. So the pressure was still on...

I arrived at my hotel in Nuremberg shortly after 3 PM, not feeling capable of going anywhere anytime soon. So, I first took a shower, only to find out that the holder of the shower head was broken but well....there are more important things...
After feeling a bit refreshed, I decided that getting my bike fixed had to be more important than resting right away...I even found a bike shop 4k from my hotel which was open until 8PM, according to Google.
I got out in the heat again, on my bike and headed towards the industrial and shopping part of town. After some cycling up and down the street, I found the bike shop - closed.
According to the sign at the door, they were opened until 4PM, like most of the other bike shops.....THANK YOU!!!
To make the best out of the situation, I stopped at a Texmex restaurant two doors down and got my very first Mojito burger which was different (lots of mint leaves) and interesting - and not bad at all :-)

After that I headed back home and could at least watch the second half of the game - which wasn't that interesting - and could finally and totally relax :-)

What a glorious start into the day

Train tracks (still in service) in the middle of the forest

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