Heilbronn to Schwaebisch Hall

  • Author: Katrin
  • Created: May 10, 2018
  • Updated: May 15, 2018
Route type: Mixed
Difficulty grade: Medium

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 69.04 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 14.7 km/h
  • Min altitude 161 m
  • Peak 510 m
  • Climb 866 m
  • Descent 647 m

Thursday was another holiday and another predicted hot day with thunderstorms and heavy rains predicted for later in the day. Consequence for me: another early start. This time I was on the road already at 7 AM!!! and it was already warm.

Since it was a holiday, almost nobody was on the streets and I found my way easily out of Heilbronn.

I knew the whole route would be hilly, no matter which of the options I took , so I prepared myself for some long slow climbs.

The first climb was already right after leaving the city limits of Heilbronn and was supposedly just a "little" ascent, in comparison to the long steep climb after Loewenstein but nevertheless I cycled up and up and up....luckily in the forest and it also started to drizzle a little bit for cooling ;-)

Shortly after I didn't see any cycling signs anymore and orientated on the hiking trails....so I came to the unplanned pleasure of a climb through a vineyard through coarse gravel, a good test for my shape, physically and mentally - and I was doing fine....so fine that I didn't even take a picture ...but just cycled on :-)

Afterwards I cycled about half an hour through the forest, being way off the planned route, but finally I found the way to Loewenstein where the exciting part of the day took part.

View from the Platte: My hilly and green home county

When you grow up in this area, you know about the long climb into (or out of) Loewenstein and the hills following, so I decided that this challenge should make up for the tram ride the day before and was a little excited how "bad" it would be.

I guess the worst part was finding the cycling route because the lower part was really steep. The actual cycling part up to the castle and further on was a long but not too steep climb for about half an hour or so and was just half as bad as the ascent through the vineyard before. At 9:15 AM I was already up at the Platte which is a lookout where especially motorcyclists meet to have a coffee or a hot snack.

First sign to Schwaebisch Hall.....yey.... :-)

I happily cycled on, the big challenge of the day already behind me. I got closer and closer to home while the clouds above me became darker and darker.

I passed Wuestenrot, Ammertsweiler, Mainhardt and Huetten and found my way to Michelfeld which is really almost already home.

Getting closer to home








Starkholzbacher See, our backyard lake

I quickly visited Starkholzbacher See, the lake where we go swimming in summer, before finally heading home where I arrived just in time for lunch :-) - and right before the first raindrops started to fall.

My mum took six photos of me when I arrived - and one looked worse than the other....aaaaaargh.....

Soooooooooo no nice arrival picture of me, sweaty and dusty between all my bags :-D

Maybe I'm luckier at one of my next stops ;-)

I'm going to stay here for at least two weeks, so don't be surprised if there are not a lot new posts. ;-)


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