On day four of my “many-rivers”-tour, I decided to change to river number four: the Main.
After a perfect stay in the hotel Krone in Hirschhorn, I took the train from Hirschhorn to Mosbach (Neckar). I arrived there after a half hour train ride at around 9 AM, pretty late to start a stint in the shape of an upside down U and on a sunny day 😉

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Castle Zwingenberg

Breakfast at the hotel Sonne (=sun) started early, so I was on my bike already shortly after 8 AM. I cycled the way along the Neckar which I had taken the day before by foot to Bad Wimpfen.
The temperatures were comfortable and so I cycled along the river and had a wonderful view on the castles which are located on the heights on the left and on the right of the river bank.

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The Main seen from Bad Wimpfen

On Wednesday, my whole body was hurting after the steep climb at the end of the previous day. That’s why I decided against cycling the Limes (=Roman border wall) route which includes a lot up and downhills. And opted for the famous Kocher-Jagst cycling route and follow the Jagst river towards the Neckar, the reverse direction from the “original Kocher-Jagst-Route”.

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The first river I follow: the Kocher

After two months of holiday from the first half of my cycling adventure, I started a separate stint to also tick-off Hessia from my list of federal German states.

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Note: since my  phone gave  up saving my tracks reliably and I also didn’t have internet access during most of the trip, I’m using gps tracks from tourist websites.

Starkholzbacher See, our backyard lake
Starkholzbacher See, our backyard lake

Thursday was another holiday and another predicted hot day with thunderstorms and heavy rains predicted for later in the day. Consequence for me: another early start. This time I was on the road already at 7 AM!!! and it was already warm.

Since it was a holiday, almost nobody was on the streets and I found my way easily out of Heilbronn.

I knew the whole route would be hilly, no matter which of the options I took , so I prepared myself for some long slow climbs.

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It was predicted to be another hot day and my calculated route would be around 90 km, including some height meters. So I started the day with only a very small breakfast (only one dry bread roll….yummie ;-)) ) and veeeeeery early: I was on the road at 7 AM.

As usual, I had to check the directions on my phone pretty often before I found my way out of Karlsruhe. The passing of the towns of Durlach, Weingarten, Bruchsal,….and suboptimal cycling paths (surface and signs) slowed me down, so that I knew around mid-morning that most likely I won’t cycle the whole planned route. I had already booked my accommodation in Heilbronn before checking the parameters of the route, so I actually had to get there on the same day.

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Today I went on the Felsenpfad (=rock trail) around Dahn, actually I did only half of the trail since I needed already three hours for the six kilometers of the first half. The reason? Beauty and curiosity and photo motifs everywhere and walking barefoot for a while and taking it easy and….

I definitely have to come back for a longer holiday because these forests are huge and green and lush and hilly and so nice…..

Take a look for yourself 🙂

And if you’re interested, you can find my walking route here. But don’t trust the parameters, they are calculated 😉