After a rather tough start into the day, first some authority “issues” with the cat during breakfast, then an incredible confusing way out of Bielefeld and and almost real mountain (on top is┬á a restaurant, named “Auf’m Berg” (=on the mountain) and the road’s name was Bergstrasse (=mountain road)), the hardest part of the day was already over shortly after 9 AM

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Today, I cycled from Minden to the city that doesn’t exist: Bielefeld.

If you are not familiar with the Bielefeld conspiracy, you should look it up on Wikipedia ­čśë

Apparently, it does exist although I didn’t see any city limit signs, so this all might be a fake anyway ­čśë

Not a fake is that I (probably) forgot to switch on the app in the morning, so there are two routes today: One from Minden to Bad Oeynhausen and one from Bad Oeynhausen to Bielefeld.

Due to the bad weather (in the beginning) and the unexpected appearance of advanced challenges (hills), I did take close to no pictures.