And there is cobblestone in the middle of the forest

After a surprisingly refreshing night, I woke up around 5 AM when they started to prepare the market on the square in front of the building which also didn’t really bother me.

I wasn’t in a hurry because I wanted to go shopping and the shop didn’t open before 9 anyway.

After a tasty breakfast and successful shopping for sun screen and body lotion, I was on my way around 9:30.

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Bench with a view

Very mixed day.

After a small but delicious breakfast with homemade orange and strawberry jam, my cycling day started off with a construction site forcing me to push my bike up the hill I had just cycled down. Followed by some missing signs and a road full of stones in the middle of the forest. After half an hour into my cycling day, I was already annoyed. And after I had just put on all my winter cloths (warm jacket, wind jacket and winter gloves) because of the cold wind at the Elbe bank, I soon began to sweat and swapped the winter versus the normal cycling gloves.

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