Rheinland Pfalz

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Today I went on the Felsenpfad (=rock trail) around Dahn, actually I did only half of the trail since I needed already three hours for the six kilometers of the first half. The reason? Beauty and curiosity and photo motifs everywhere and walking barefoot for a while and taking it easy and….

I definitely have to come back for a longer holiday because these forests are huge and green and lush and hilly and so nice…..

Take a look for yourself 🙂

And if you’re interested, you can find my walking route here. But don’t trust the parameters, they are calculated 😉

It is soooooooo beautiful
First sign of the “Hilly country”

After the breakfast at the a little weird guest house (and the tiniest room I stayed in), I started into a beautiful morning: it was already warm and all the tourists were still asleep or at least not on the road ;-).

At first, I cycled along the Blies, a little stream, to Zweibruecken where I got seriously lost….probably because there was a market (I think it  was a fish market) on the marketplace which probably hid some signs….after cycling around for about half an hour or so, I found the cycling path along the stream again BUT now it was covered by gravel and crowded by people and just not as nice as before.

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