The water vapor is lifting after the rain

Sunday morning was the exact opposite from the day before: despite the noise inside and outside the hotel, I woke up refreshed and in a super relaxed mood.

Where the Mosel runs into the Rhine: Deutsches Eck


After the breakfast, I packed up my things and wanted to get on the road. But just before I got going, it started to rain – and not only a little. So I put on my rain gear before I cycled to the Deutsche Eck, the point in Koblenz where the Mosel runs into the Rhine river and where the Mosel cycling path starts.

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Bridge of Remagen - what is left over
Bridge of Remagen – what is left over

Yesterday was one of the worst days since I started cycling. I already thought in the morning about taking the train to my parents and take a loooooooooooooong break from cycling. There was no specific reason, just a bad day. I thought I would quickly cycle to Koblenz and decide then what I would do.

The weather was OK, april-like with wind again and temperatures, so that I was taking on and off my different jackets constantly.

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Although I love Essen and everything seemed to go so well, again I got lost shortly after I found the first promising sign pointing to my first destination “Werden”. I even circled back to the sign and tried again but not a chance to find the follow-up sign. So I decided to cycle to Werden according to my phone, again missing one of those “wonderful” cycle routes.

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