Today, Eddie, my navigation device let me down, just when I arrived at the starting point of the route Berlin-Leipzig (in reverse). I also lost sight of the cycling path signs, so I cycled around for 90 minutes in an almost correct direction (North instead of North East) but made approximaly 5 instead of 15 k progress. Because of the time-out of Eddie, I don’t have a track of the route today…if you want to have the regular track, you can download it from Radweg Berlin-Leipzig (please note that this is an external link, so I cannot guarantee that this link will always be working).

Btw. by now, Eddie is working again….just press 25 secs the on/off button and – everything is gonna be alright… 😉

A part of the university block
the Gewandthaus (concert hall) with the fontain in front
Calories free ice cream 🙂
the Thomas church
the town hall (I think)
the courthouse
there are so many parks all around in Leipzig 🙂
And I visited the wild boars in the (free) animal park