Today, I cycled from Minden to the city that doesn’t exist: Bielefeld.

If you are not familiar with the Bielefeld conspiracy, you should look it up on Wikipedia 😉

Apparently, it does exist although I didn’t see any city limit signs, so this all might be a fake anyway 😉

Not a fake is that I (probably) forgot to switch on the app in the morning, so there are two routes today: One from Minden to Bad Oeynhausen and one from Bad Oeynhausen to Bielefeld.

Due to the bad weather (in the beginning) and the unexpected appearance of advanced challenges (hills), I did take close to no pictures.

The mausoleum of Schloss Etelsen

Today was a warm, sunny and pretty uneventful day. That’s why I haven’t much to write down. But I shot some nice pictures and let them talk instead. Btw. you can watch them in full size when you click on them – and not only in the small gallery preview 🙂

Also, once again, the SportsTracker app quit on me prematurely and without permission during lunch break…suppose we all get a little lazy these days 😉

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